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RO/DI and Complete Water Change Station


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This is my complete water change station. It made my life SO much easier for doing general maintenance, but I shut down my tank so now it's time to go. Everything that you see in the picture is included, but here's a list:

Two Vertical 25 gallon plastic storage tanks. One has a float valve installed. One has extra bulkheads insalled for a chiller.

Iwaki MD70RLT mixing pump. This will move some serious water.

Wooden stand

All plumbing, and tubing needed to run

75 GPD RO/DI with dual TDS meter, Dual pressure gauges, and Flush kit

ATO sytem that basically consisted of two float valves and an electronic solenoid. This was purchased from BRS, but I can no longer find it on there site.

25 foot python for pumping the water back to the tank.


As always will hold with paypal. Otherwise it is first come first served. Sorry I've been burned too many times.


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Your garage? I've flooded the living rooms more times than I can count. Now I fill up in the sink, but occasionally I turn off the wrong tube (in the dark) and end up flooding the kitchen. That dripping sound is never the filters on the other fish tanks LOL. Second in line for everything but the RO unit!!!

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at 250 just buy it all and re sell the ro/di and get 1/2 your money back lol

This was my second option if he wouldnt split it up, however now that I'm getting empty containers from you I'll pass my first spot along to Dena. I can just make my own mixing station in the garage since I'm hand ywith tools and enjoy those types off projects. Allows another member who might not want to build their station a chance to have a prebuilt one!

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