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Got a new tank


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Thanks Hydro! Salinity is almost there, and the water is clearing up nicely thanks to my carbon reactor and filter pads. Live rock goes in today. Shouldn't get a cycle since I am using clean sand and good live rock. Macro goes into the fuge today as well. Then I watch, and wait.

New vho bulbs are on the fedex truck to arrive today, and new mh bulbs are going in as well today. Once I get the stand built, this tank will have a "side tank" 16" x 30" x 14" for my shrooms and rics. It will be lit with a 4 bulb t5ho Current fixture, and plumbed into the tank above. This way I can segregate my stinging shrooms from the corals they wish to sting (BAD SHROOMS!!!).

I've just about got my frag systems where I want them. The other system is just burbling away growing corals. This makes me happy.

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