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I just pulled the SWC skimmer out last week. I upgraded skimmer so no longer need this one. Its around 1 year old

its cleaned and ready to go!

pics are of front and back

Asking $200 obo first come first serve been burned to much sorry.

will only hold w/ paypal payment

here is the info on the skimmer and it is super quiet skimmer too!!!!

Xtreme 160 Cone Protein Skimmer

Single pump Xtreme 160 conical protein skimmer. Comes with an Atman 2500 pump. An integrated removable bubble plate to help reduce turbulence within the protein skimmer. Fully disassemble, due to the removable base plate. Perfectly balanced body and neck. Gate valve pipe output allows you to adjust the skimmer and have precision control of the water level. Custom needle wheel mesh wheel hybrid impeller. Up to 600lph/21scfhÊof air pull using custom impeller (Air number will vary depending on aquarium set up) These are real numbers not hyped numbers. Draws less than 27 watts of electricity per pump. Quick release neck on the collection cup - requires 1/2 inch of clearance to remove cup

In sump skimmer only

Recommended water depth 6-9".

20 5/8"" in height with a 9" X 7" footprint

Light Bioload Medium Bioload Heavy Bioload Tank ratings 150 120 90



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