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Large Mat of GSP - Only 8"x10" Left! 25$


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I plan on re-aquascaping my tank and want to trim down my back glassmat of GSP. I want to be able to lean rocks up against the glass and not worry about them being covered in GSP.

As it stands the matt is probably 28" x 10" max height.

Ideally I will be able to pull it off in one big piece, but no promises. I also am holding back a 6" x 10" chunk, so the ideal for sale piece will be around 20" x 10" or so.

Ever wanted your whole back wall covered in GSP? Now is your chance, buy it and glue it, instant wall of GSP!

Or if you have a big ugly overflow you want to cover.... and make stand out?

$60 for the huge mat.

I also want to get rid of the small rock on the bottom right that is covered in GSP. It is probably 8"x6" or so, covered in GSP and has some pink sponge growing under it as well. $30

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Argh, why are all the reefers up north! I'd make you an offer on the rock but don't want to load up the fam for an hour drive in the car. First world problems.

make him deliver it to you ;) or get him to hire a delivery driver! haha

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