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Ballasts, Reflectors, Bulbs


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Two Ice Cap 250W MH Ballasts - $50each


One 250W MH Ballast made by Pro Lighting, Inc - $50


3 Luminarc Mini Reflectors, Mogul (single-ended) - $50each - hubby has them in the garage so I grabbed a photo off the net. They are just like these, but are used.


If you purchase a pair (one reflector and one ballast), I will throw in one of these single ended bulbs:

Radium, 250W, 20K - used two months

Reflux, 250W, 12K - new

Coralife, 25W, 10K - used, unsure of time, but I would use it as a backup and still saw a lot of growth.


I also have one brand new Radium, 250W, 20K, single ended bulb for $50 - I paid around $80 for this one.


Prefer pick-ups.



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All three reflectors and the two Ice Cap Ballasts are sold. I still have the other ballast and will lower that to $20 (it's not worth quite as much as an IceCap). Also have the new Radium 20K bulb for $50. Buy the bulb and I'll throw in the ballast for free.

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