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FS: zoas, palys, and mushrooms


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I am cleaning out the sand bed and my solona...i got some stuff ready to go (pics of light on and light off-love the stare at them at night!:

1) 2 large neon green fuzzy mushroom...look like one of them is aobu to split- $25 sold thanks David

2) 3x3 rock covered with burnt orange mushroom similar to superman with about 8-10 head $50 pending

3) 30 polyps of fire ice zoas + some ~10 jade green zoa- $40 sold thanks David

4) radioactive zoa + some type of palys that look really cool with green neon eye at night- $20

5) radioactive zoa + a good size colony of green button-$30 sold thanks David

6) ~10 eye of za zoas-$15

7) 25-30 eye of za - $30 sold thanks David





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