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Mr Cob

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Thread shopping with Mr. Cob's Corals!

Discount: premium members of ARC take 10% off

Payment: paypal, credit card...must be paid before the delivery

Local Pickups: San Antonio - every Wednesday evening from either 7-8pm or 8-9pm, Walmart off 1604 and 281

Austin - every 3 weeks on a Sunday, Walmart off 35 and Slaughter LN (check ARC)

How to order: PM me (Mr Cob) what you want or post here, I will send you an invoice w/tax and then you pay/pickup at one of our local deliveries

ONCE PENDING ORDERS REACH $250 we will schedule an Austin delivery.

***note...due to no shows at pickups we are now requiring that all corals are paid for before the pickup. You don't have to pay today but if the coral is not paid for by the time we pack for the delivery your coral will be held until the next delivery date***


1) MCC Deep Water Jap Zoa mini colony $120 PENDING


2) MCC Poseidon Blue Zoas mini colony $50


3) MCC Tubbs Blue Zoas mini colony $100 PENDING


4) MCC Pixie Dust Palys $40 PENDING

5) MCC Army Man Palys and Green Bay Packer Zoas $40

6) MCC Army Man Palys and Green Bay Packer Zoas $50

7) MCC Dragon Eyes $15

8) MCC Deepwater Jap Zoas $25 PENDING

9) MCC Lemon Lime Zoas $15 PENDING

10) MCC Purple Hornets (3 polyps) $25 PENDING

11) MCC Purple Hornets (10+ polyps) $75

12) MCC Army Man Palys and Green Bay Packer Zoas $35

13) MCC Army Man Palys and Green Bay Packer Zoas $35


#14) Tubbs Blue $25 PENDING

#15) ORA Tri-Color Valida $30 PENDING

#16) MCC Kryptonite Candy Cane $10 PENDING - we have more -

#17) MCC PPE (4polyps) $30

#18) MCC LE Blue Magicians (2.5 polyps) $40

#19) MCC Bright Zoas and Dragon Eyes $25

#20) MCC Green Bay Packers $16 PENDING

#21) MCC Deepwater Japs $25 PENDING

#22) MCC Cat Eyes $25 PENDING

#23) Purple and Green Zoas $28 PENDING

#24) MCC Purple Hornets (6 polyps) $35 PENDING


25) Blasto (lrg 3" colony with around 30 heads) $140 PENDING



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The original owner of the blasto colony posted some pics on maast of this colony when he had it over a year ago...here's his comment too:

I thought I might post a pic of the Blastos from when I had them. They are super nice! Trust me! Who ever buys these is getting a very good deal. I've seen these go for $35 per large head. Oh and it really is that red! Its not that pinkish color its RED.


Color balance corrected under actinic lights


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