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Cheap corals for sale or trade


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I have some corals Im not really "feeling" and some I can frag. Im just looking to trade for other corals. here is what I have and will post pics later. Mostly looking for sps (blue, red), maybe acans, zoas.text/ call is the fastest @ 512 ! 536 o 7 one 9 ~ Dave

For sale or trade

purple hammer - $10

purple digi - 1.5" ~ $5

red and green lobo (i think)

red and green blastos ( ultra blasto)

gsp ~ $ 5 per 2x2 area Pending

neon green polys ~ $5

devils hand ~$5

Trade only

orange digi

pink and green acro

pink birdsnest

yellow/ green birds nest

some random shrooms

scuba steve frogspawn

Green/ pink acro (in my last tank was a kinda blue)




lobo (I think, just to the left of the blastos)

neon green polps

purple digi

orange digi

devils hand

purple hammer ( i think its a hammer, let me know if Im wrong)

scuba steve frogspawn

pink birdsnest

yellow/green birdsnest

NOTE: some corals can only be fragged. Let me know what you want to trade for what item and the size of your trade.

TRADE PICKUP info: Since its a even trade we can meet in at a midway point, I also go to school at TX state in san marcos so I can meet people along 35 and I live up north.

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