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Wet Acrylic News and Updates. Some big changes.

Mr Cob

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WHAT? Wet Acrylic is breaking off into it's own company

WHEN? Paperwork is in process now

WHY? Wet Acrylic is growing and MCC cannot keep up with the product line alone

WHERE? wetacrylic.com (under construction), MAAST, ARC & any LFS/Vendor that will have us!

Huh? Wet Acrylic will be your source for custom acrylic and our product line will only be offered at wholesale to vendors and LFS

WHO? We are happy to announce that Ace Shedd (Hobogato) will be joining us as a new owner. I'd say between he and Jack your next home & plane can be built by the Wet Acrylic team!

The details: This product of Mr. Cob's Corals will be branching off into it's own company and will no longer be owned by MCC. In order to keep Wet Acrylic in production it became necessary for us to make some changes and give the product the attention it deserves! That only made sense by branching off. We are excited and ask that you be patient with us while we get things up and running.

Soon we will sponsor both MAAST and ARC. Our next Wet Acrylic line of communication will be in our new sponsor forums. Let me know if you have any questions about pending orders...and feel free to contact us with your custom acrylic quotes but just know that we are not in full operation at the moment.

Until then... thanks for your support this past year!

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