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All pending - Tyree Green Toadstool frags $5 and $20


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I have 2 very small frags already attached to rubble for $5 each. They are about 0.5" in diameter with great polyp extension. The other is at least the size of a quarter with long polyp extension as well. It's also on rubble, for $20. These are a really amazing bright green and grow fairly fast. One of the pictures was taken by aaarrrg, of a frag I sold her (thank you aaarrg!) The others are of the actual frags. They are crappy cell phone pics. I can get better ones later tonight if someone wants.




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Great frags, when I got mine it was fully opened the next day. I can post a picture of mine tonight for you if you'd like. Thanks Kim!

Thank you, I'm glad it's doing well for you!

All pending...

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