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Aussie Acans - Grade A and Ultras - priced to move!

Mr Cob

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1E) Grade A Aussie Acan $30 PENDING


1F) Grade A Aussie Acan (purple, green and white) $30 PENDING


1G) Grade A Aussie Acan ***added to website


1H) Ultra Aussie Acan (super cool coloring) ***added to website


1I) Ultra Aussie Acan (has unique "sprinkles" pattern) ***added to website


1J) Ultra Aussie Acan ***added to website


1K) Grade A Aussie Acan $20 PENDING


1L) Grade A Aussie Acan $20 PENDING


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Ughhh I wish I wasn't still having GHA issues. I love acans. Are these just frags you got on a shipment, or do you have mother colonies?

These are from Australia, we do not have any mother colonies from these that we are holding back to farm from. I love acans too, I love them in groups with different colors, it also looks cool when they are touching one another...I like to do the same thing with Hammers of different colors. I have a cool combo of hammers that are purple, green and the 3rd is both purple and green..looks really cool with them touching.


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