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Bright Green Birdsnest Frags


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I have four nice frags I cut about a week ago of my bright green birdsnest. This coral is awesome under actintics!

Three frags are mounted on frag plugs and are starting to put on new growth. I am asking $10 each for these. Two of the three would be a small colony.

The fourth is a medium sized colony and it is not mounted. I am asking $25 for this one.

Temp- 79.5

SG- 1.025

The large colony is the Mother Colony (Not For Sale)




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If anyone else is interested I can cut more frags of the green birdsnest. I have always had good luck with growth of this SPS. This has green polyps, if you would like to see a better picture go to vividaquariums.com and look at the ORA Sreaming Green Birdsnest.

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