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Coral Identification and frag question


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I have had my tank for nearly 2 years. I starting adding easy corals about a year ago and thru trial and error and reading information on here finally have tank too healthy and corals have grown like weeds.

First i don't even know what kind of corals they are :(, so I'm attaching pics so you experts can tell me what I have.

2nd How do you frag these? They are all directly attached to the live rock except for the newer ones, but I'm sure you can see that. (lesson learned here). If its too hard to tell me on here would be more than willing offer a few frags and or some cash for a quick lesson.






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1st pic:

GSP - Green Star Polyps...the bright green wavy ones

Kenya or Colt Tree Soft coral/leather - thebrown tree in the back left

Zoanthids (Zoas/Zoos)...left and right (the colorful polyps)

2nd pic:

Brown Star Polyps - Anthelia

3rd pic:

Majano - this is a pest...I would dry the rock out and scrub it away. They sting fish.

4th pic:

Cute little feather duster

-sharp scalpel will be your best friend for the GSP...slice pieces up and pull them off..and super glue GEL them to rock/frag plugs.

-sharp medical scissors for the leather coral...then find a creative way to attach it to a rock without using glue. Rubberband perhaps.

good luck.

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if you want details on fragging stuff youtube is your friend :) you can find any type of coral and get a vid of how to do it. I would recomend watching a few and get the basics and then come ask and make sure the ones you watched are a good way to go about it.

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