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equipment you need


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20 gallon long with 3 baffles. refugium section and skimmer section $45 obo

small sized SCWD water current director with full return plumbing with loc line returns $40 obo

small echopps overflow $25

large no name dual drain overflow box $25

36 inch coralife standard t-5 fixture $20

30 inch HO t-5 coralife fixture $50 obo

2 merlin garden pro system 750 gpd reverse osmosis systems

one has prefilter and both membranes with light use, the other has no membranes or prefilter, both have psi gauges and hoses

$200 without membranes $300 with membranes


current sunpaq retro fit kit for 2 32 watt power compact bulbs, brand new, with reflectors and bulb clips, never used!!!! 3 bulbs included awesome deal here $70


4 foot coralife standard t-5 fixture, both bulbs actinic $25

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