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"IF POWER" Command


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I just added this command to all my light outlets in case of a power failure. The idea being to keep the lights off for 30 minutes after power is restored:

  • If Power Apex ON 030 Then OFF

As I updated each outlet with this command (and saved them), each light turned off. I figured the Apex base unit's power was detected as "ON", so the lights turned off and would remain off for 30 minutes. However, it's been over an hour and the lights are still off.

What am I doing wrong?

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The duration value is used to delay the probe value from being reset for a certain amount of time after the power returns, similar to how the feed timer delay works. For example:

If Power Apex OFF 005 Then ON

This statement detects if power to the base is off (or a reboot) and holds this value for 5 minutes, setting the outlet register to ON.

A good example of the value of the DURATION can be seen with a skimmer. If the power fails you want to delay starting the skimmer once power is restored. This can be accomplished easily with the command:

If Power EB8_3 OFF 003 Then OFF

If Power to EB8 #3 is OFF and for 3 minutes after power is returned, set the skimmer outlet state register to OFF.

From these examples I think you need to be using "If Power Apex OFF" rather than ON.

You could probably also use something like this too:

The “Min Time” statement prevents the outlet from turning ON or OFF again for a certain amount of time that you specify (MMM:SS). It keeps it in its current state and prevents it from changing state for a certain amount of time. It doesn‟t stop it from turning ON/OFF now nor does it regulate the amount of time an outlet runs. It just forces the outlet to stay in its current state.

A common use is with metal halide lights. If you have a brief power failure that kills your lights, you don‟t want them trying to turn back on immediately. You want them to cool down for 5 or 10 minutes first, to avoid damaging the bulbs. You can use the Min Time statement for that. Or consider a top-off where you don‟t want the top-off happening again for a certain amount of time even if the outlet wants to. The Min Time statement is perfect for that. You could use it as follows at the end of your MH outlet statements:

Fallback ON


If Time 08:00 to 19:00 Then ON

Min Time 010:00 Then OFF

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