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48inch Hamilton BELIZE SUN 250w


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I am getting out of the hobbie, and looking to sell my light. It is a 48inch 250w Hamilton BELIZE SUN with 1 month old phx bulbs and 2 fiji purple T-5. This light was bought back in FEB of this year. Will not come with ballasts. Even though I live in Milwaukee,WI. My brother lives in Georgetown. If you would like the light, I can send him the light, with a $50 paypal deposit, and you can pick it up from him. This light is flawless. Nothing wrong with it, and looks new. This will also come with the hanging kit. Looking for 400. Shipping is included. I would also like to add, that I am a well known member of http://wireefsociety.com/index.php, and can be found under the same name. If you would like more info on the light, and would like to call me, PM me and I will give you my phone number.


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