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Rimless Starphire 60 gallon cubish reef ready tank only $245

Michael Rodriguez

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This is a great tank that I have had for about a year and a half. It is Starphire on three sides (the sides and the front. It is also drilled for two returns and an overflow. There is a chip that I have taken a picture of. It doesn't have any apparent effect on the structural integrity of the tank, and does not cause any leaks. The piece chipped off and I was able to glue it ba

The dimensions are 26"Long 24" Deep 22" Tall

Here is what I paid for everything:

Starphire Tank: $620

Overflow: $79

Plumbing: $30

Returns: $17



Here is what is included in the sale for $225:

-Three Sided Starphire Tank (I paid around 600 for it shipped to Florida)

- Glass-Holes.com Overflow (which is a $80 value)


- Around $30 worth of plumbing that has been vinegar cleaned



-Two bulkheads with return spouts (Minus the loc-line, I never used it and got rid of it a while ago)


Let me know if you're interested








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The frag tank is the one maybe half the height on the shorter stand in the pics? If so I would be interested in the frag tank alone... would you sell it, what would it come with, and how much?

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