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Fluval Edge Marine Build

Dustin Blevins

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Well this is pretty much my first saltwater build and I've decided to try and go with a "pico" style build. I've been looking around and I have seen a lot of pretty neat builds with this tank. I am definitely going to be doing some mods to the lighting (not sure if I'm going to do an led strip type add on or just adding a fixture to the top and doing a mini cfl). I have a few questions though if someone could maybe help me out.

1. In a bunch of the video's / set up's I've seen a bunch of people with 2 clownfish and some more in it. I wanted to do a pair of domino clowns, would that be too much? I feel like it would, but seeing them in the videos makes me think maybe??

2. With adding live rock and a power head (not sure which kind yet) would I need to use the stock filter(Aquaclear 20 I believe)?? I've seen video's with and without any filters...

3. Now on a complete different side of the saltwater spectrum, how well do you think dwarf sea horses would do in an aquarium like this? I've seen the subject brought up on other forums, but I haven't seen it actually be done...

I will update this thread as I go along so everyone can see how the Edge does as a marine tank :)

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As someone who's run a variety of sized salt tanks I'd recommend not starting with a pico. Smaller tanks are much less forgiving of many of the mistakes new hobbyists tend to make than larger tanks.

On to some of your questions:

1: While I’ve grown a pair of very young clowns out in my pico (5.5gal) once they got over an inch long IMO they needed a bigger tank.

2: Live rock is for biological filtration. You will still want / need some form of mechanical filtration. Generally on successful small tanks with no mechanical filtration the key to success is experienced aquarists with large frequent water changes. (20 -30% multiple times a week)

3: Dwarf seahorses are fine but should be considered in most cases for advanced aquarists only due to feeding requirements.

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Thanks for the replies! I'm still debating on what to do with this tank! It looks really awesome and I think it would look awesome on my desk! I may put it on the back burner and figure out a larger tank. I've talked to a few people some say it could be awesome with a few soft corals / shrimp others believe it's a disaster waiting to happen due to the salt creep up the lights and the lack of surface area on the top for oxygen to get into the water. If I do decide to go on with this tank I will do a little more research and go with the dwarf seahorses or do an all coral tank with possibly a nano goby and maybe a sexy shrimp.

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