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Few Items for sale


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We are taking a break from reefing for a while. My wife has a new job with odd hours and a lot of overtime and I am having many Doctor appointments with the problems with my leg and my diabetes. I may have to have some surgery to repair some of the damage from the leg crush injury. I have a few things to sell.

We have 1 - 250w Electronic Metal Halide Light Systems for use in a canopy includes a Lumenbrite pendant, Coralvue Electronic Ballast, Reeflux 12k Bulb and all the completed wiring for the set-up. I want $100 for the set-up, which is less than the cost of the ballast. Here is a picture of the set-up. This will come with at least 2-3 extra bulbs.


Eheim 1262 pump....$60

Milwaukee sms122 ph controller(good probe)...$60 SOLD

Handheld TDS meter...$20

Tunze nano-stream 6045(older version)...$25

ATO Deluxe by Top-off.com...$30 pending

Hi/Lo ATO Deluxe by Top-off.com...$60

ph-200 ph meter(needs watch batteries) retails for $79.95...$30 pending

Refractometer...$25 pending

Aluminum co2 Tank( at least half-full) and regulator...$40 pending

"The Perfect Set-up" 1.5g Aquarium Dip Tank set-up w/heater, powerhead and light for up to 6 hour dips for Acros...$25





Nano stream


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It is about 10 years old, completely original and in perfect working order. If I had a need for it, it wouldn't be for sale. It is by far the best pump on the market. I have even spent days on the computer trying to find a reason to keep it...lol.

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