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mushroom tried to devour goby


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So tonight I was sitting at the computer and out of the corner of my eye I noticed some commotion in my tank.

My clown fish was going nuts and poking at my mushroom, which was closed in "bulb" configuration.

After the clown went away I noticed the shroom twitching and then realized something was inside trying to get out (kind of like a cartoon).

I squeezed it a little and out popped a little goby that a fellow ARC member had given me (from Port A).

The little goby swam to safety, and then lied on its side and gasped for awhile. However, the fish was completely intact, with no visible injuries.

Then a few minutes later it disappeared (not back into the shroom at least.)

My questions are:

1) what kind of coral is this? (pic below)

2) should i be concerned about the health of the goby? I don't know how long he had been inside the mushroom. I also don't know if there are any toxic effects on the fish.



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I managed to dig up an older picture of the coral that I took a couple years ago when it was open.

And I'm guessing it's an "elephant ear" mushroom perhaps??


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I'm not an expert but I think it's a type of rhodactis mushroom. A Google search turned up this:


If you got the goby out and he survived the initial stress I would think he'd be okay. I think they basically digest the food alive so getting the fish out was the important step.

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