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Tank, T5HO, etc...


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Sorry about this being my first post...I know some forums kinda frown on this but I am not in the hobby anymore, just have some stuff to sell and a friend told me this was a good place to post :)

I have a bit of stuff from a project that I never really got very far. I was planning on building a small reef but taking my time about it…then we got pregnant with twins and that squashed this project right quick.

Now all this stuff has been sitting around taking up space and I think it is time to find it a new home. It is all 100% new and never used with one exception.

1 Oceanic (pre all-glass merger for those that care) it 36L x 18W x 21H so that's what, 58? …still has the stickers on it even.

1 SCWD current director

6 - pair of IceCaps T5 end caps with mounting stand offs

6 - 36 inch IceCaps single lamp reflectors

3 - two lamp T5 HO ballasts

2 Giesemann Powerchrome T5 HO in AquaBlue Plus

1 Giesemann Powerchrome T5 HO in Pure Actinic Plus

1 Giesemann Powerchrome T5 HO in Actinic Plus

1 Giesemann Powerchrome T5 HO in Mid day

...yes, five bulbs, I broke one :(

I also have a 25 tall that I was going to use for the sump, its used but perfect for that application.

Asking $450 for all of it…

Call Jeremy @ 658-1223 Its very likely that I will forget I posted here so its probably best to call. I set my profile to allow email so thats also a good option.

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