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Aquafuge 2 Medium - Reduced to $80


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I am no longer using my aquafuge 2. It's size medium - 19"x4.5"x12". Comes with new intake and gaskets and a MJ900 pump (not new).

The tip of one of the supports broke off and was re-glued (see picture). The section that broke was nowhere near where the support rests on the tank and shouldn't affect its integrity any. It is missing one of the screws that hold it close to the tank. I didn't need it but you may want to purchase a new one here - http://amekaaquatics...category_id=18.

All seams are clean and there is no leaking, cracks or major scratches. Light scuffs from use. I cleaned and rinsed it, but you'll most likely want to give it a good scrubbing as well.

Just a personal note about the light... The light is a single bulb so you may want to upgrade to a better one. The light fixture sits very close to the water, so I would keep an eye on your tank temperature if it's a small tank. I had the light sitting up on some acrylic pieces to allow for better airflow under it.




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