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Nutty Brown Cafe / Music Venue Needs Support


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I got this in my email today. If anyone can help support I know that everyone that goes to the nutty would greatly appreciate it. This is one of the best music venues in Austin especially since they ruined the backyard with the Galleria development.

Friends of Nutty Brown Cafe,

I am writing this email to folks that were kind enough to show their support for us when a few people from neighboring subdivisions filed a protest against the renewal of our liquor license back in September 2009. After a year and a half of attempts at reaching some type of mediated solution to this dispute we are finally going to a hearing to decide the fate our our privelege to sell alcohol at Nutty Brown.

The hearing is set for May 4, 2011 at 9 a.m. in Austin. The hearing will be held at the William P. Clements Building, located at 300 West 15th St., Austin, Texas 78701. It will be held on the fourth floor but all persons must check in with the security desk on the ground floor before they get on the elevator. While no exact room has been assigned yet for our hearing, the SOAH Hearing rooms are on the North Side of the 4th floor.

At 9am there will be a chance for people to sign up to speak out on behalf of Nutty Brown Cafe. We desperately need as many folks as is possible to come out and speak on our behalf or at least show up and sit on our side of the courtroom. I realize aWednesday morning is super hard for some folks to make but if you or someone you know can come down and lend us a hand I will be eternally grateful. Please forward this email to anyone that you think might consider helping us out. We are up against the ropes and need all the help we can get.

Thank you very much for your help and support.

Mike Farr


Nutty Brown Cafe & Amphitheatre www.nuttybrown.com

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I guess one could always BYOB or BYOW like Salt Lick BBQ.

That might work, but I suspect Nutty Brown makes a lot of money off of alcohol. Loosing the ability to sell it might cause them to shut down.

Yes it works for Salt Lick, but they have always been that way, and are know world wide for their BBQ.

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