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possibly lookn for a tank


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  • DSA Neo 185 is 60x30x24 (brick) and runs about $1100 at the LFS.
  • Marineland Deep Dimensions 200g is 48x36x27 and runs about $1300.
  • Marineland Deep Dimensions 250g is 60x36x27 and runs about $1500.
  • Glasscages.com has both your dimensions (190g/195g wide) and each run about $900 (plus overflows).
  • Ocean View will give you the best price on a decent, custom-built tank. That is, unless of course you want to go TOTL and order a custom AGE tank through Kingfish, but be prepared to spend $$$.
    Jake at RCA will give you a 10% discount on DSA/Marineland tanks with the ARC membership card. Plus, they'll deliver the tank to your house for a very reasonable fee.

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Since yours tanks would be built in the wall you would only need glass for the outside. So PVC panels could be used, I think that is what Dale used. He has a build thread if you want to check it out. I had someone tell me they made a tank in the wall using marine plywood coated in fiberglass for the bottom, back, sides, and glass for the front. Not sure you would want to do that but I know that you can handle the fiberglass part of it if you did. You could put rubble rock in the final coat of fiberglass to make it look more natural.

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