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Reef Center / Water mixing/ RO / Frag station


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just moved from California 2 weeks ago. Originally i wanted to set up a new tank once i got settled down because i have had tanks for the past 15 years. Sadly I have no time or budget to set up a new tank for the next several years. So, i have my reef center that i was in the middle of construction. I was building this for: RO, mixing saltwater, storage, fragging......

I have over $2,000 in materials.

EVERYTHING IS NEW Remember i already paid shipping and taxes


-Rack and table - sink

-65 G water storage http://www.customaqu...duct=WS-NW61739

-35 G water storage http://www.customaqu...duct=WS-NW45223

-EXTREME TYPHOON III 150 GPD RODI with Gauge & TDS Alarm & Dual TDS Meter http://www.airwateri...-TDS-Meter.html

-Booster Pump System Power Station for Reefkeepers http://www.airwateri...eefkeepers.html

-5.2 Gallon RO Storage Tank http://www.airwateri...orage-Tank.html

-2 RO faucets

-Large pump for mixing salt


-Marine grade switch panel $175

-extra sheets of acrylic ( !50)

-extra stainless and metal


-90 specimen cups great for transporting frags

-90 scapula blades.

-Full fragging kit

-LED grow light - NEW


-bulk reef supply GFO and Carbon

-Bulk reef supple Calcium and buffer and Magnesium enough to make about 3 gallons total

I know i'm missing things in this list.

I do not want to break up items. Sell as is.

Starting at $700 or OBO










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I'm still looking to sell everything as a whole. I need to get rid of the entire unit, tanks and ro/di before i think about parting things out. sorry (need the room) . if i change my mind i will contact everyone who has contacted me. Thanks

I will take offers though.

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