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Monster Frag Pack


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My corals are over-growing each other and my upgrade is a couple months away, so I have to trim some more to keep them from a "turf war". The following will be 1"+ frags. I want to sell as a package deal but listed individual prices. The package is a better deal..

Paletta Lovelii...$20

Seaworld Parilis...$15

Purple w/blue tip Stag...$15

ORA Hyacinth Birdnest...$20

Ponape Birdnest...$15

Red w/pink tip Milli...$15

J G Yellow...$20

Cali Tort...$20

Package Deal Price (8 corals)...$120.00

Separate pricing...(8 corals)...$140.00

I will deliver to Austin to either Aquadome or RCA on Sat.

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bump for ya... I wish I can take on sps like i used to but until i get a reactor I will have to pass on trying again. Seen them a long time ago and pics dont do any of them justice. Colorful sps!!

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