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Deep Water Zoas and Some Acans

Chad and Belinda

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I made a couple of frags of some deep water zoas and some really nice acan colonies that I recently purchased.

First come, first served...will only hold with Paypal payment.

2 frags each with 10 polyps for $10

post-398-090127100 1281994173_thumb.jpg

Acan for $20

post-398-091995300 1281994189_thumb.jpg

Acan $20

post-398-058780600 1281994199_thumb.jpg


6 polyps for $25

post-398-077782600 1281994249_thumb.jpg

Kedd Reds 10 polyps for $10

post-398-013826500 1281994266_thumb.jpg

dunno??? teal/mint with peach zoas

5 polyps for $25

post-398-065441100 1281994278_thumb.jpg

I have a couple of acan frags that I couldn't get pics of. I also have some assorted zoas on my frag rack...AOGs - Mohawks - othe misc...cheap

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