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Chad and Belinda

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Clearing out some zoas to make room for new corals...will hold with paypal payment. I will throw in a free nuclear green polyp with purchase of $35 or more :)

Captain America Mushrooms 3 for $25

post-398-004459800 1281292019_thumb.jpg

Armor of God

2 polyps for $15

4 polyps for $20

post-398-017796400 1281291981_thumb.jpg


4 polyps for $20

post-398-026202100 1281291918_thumb.jpg

Blue Zoas

3 polyps for $20

4 polyps for $25

post-398-030591500 1281291896_thumb.jpg

Unknown Zoas

7 polyps for $20

post-398-012996900 1281292046_thumb.jpg

Nuclear Greens

2 polyps $15

3 polyps $20

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