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90 Gallon with Sump


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Hey Guys and Gals...

I have a 90 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium that has some minor scratches on the inside of the glass, nothing eye catching though, it comes with a Stand that needs new hinges on the doors because the saltwater has rusted them. Below are a list of other stuff that comes with it or seperately... depends on who comes first

90 Gallon Tank and Stand sold Together as the tank is drilled through the top

30 Gallon Sump with Filter Sock

550 gph water pump

720 gph water pump

Protein Skimmer 100 gal

Water Oxidizer

Three Way 100 Gallon Water Filter

2 each t5 ballasts. Each ballast has two bulbs, for a total of four bulbs. This is a coralife ballast, we got 3 months ago.

We also have a water circulator that attaches to side of tank to circulate water

Also I have live sand 120 pounds

I have some base rock, about 60 pounds

and I have about 150 pounds of live rock...

Please call me it is the best way to get ahold of me, my phone number is 512-663-4888.... If you want the tank and stand you should have a truck because we do not. Thank you

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Any body needing a setup this is a great one... 90 gallons, sump and everything to start your own... if you act now you may get some great perks... I have tons of chemicals to go with it, just call me if you are interested 663-4888

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