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58 & 72 tanks with stands


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72 gallon reef ready bow front $50 (new price, I need this gone!)

Tank and stand (no canopy) have been in my garage for over a year. I have not leak tested the tank but although dirty it appears to be in good condition.

The stand has water damage (I was told this was from a leaking sump) which I have shown in the pictures below. I would suggest reinforcing the stand before using.

post-811-099570400 1279867689_thumb.jpgpost-811-054965400 1279867718_thumb.jpgpost-811-055249800 1279867760_thumb.jpgpost-811-063507200 1279867796_thumb.jpg

58 gallon (tank, stand, canopy with lighting) $100

I used this tank until 3 months ago as a moderately lit planted tank with discus. Tank, stand and canopy are in good condition. The left hand side of the canopy has a square hole roughly cut into it (see picture below).

post-811-012572700 1279867818_thumb.jpgpost-811-080256400 1279867834_thumb.jpgpost-811-046997000 1279867850_thumb.jpg

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