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+7 on the sponge. I've been hearing that about sponges forever that they can't be taken out of the water. I think though you'll find that it didn't bother your sponge at all. I've had numerous occasions when redoing a tank or moving a tank when encrusting sponges like yours or that ubiquitus pink sponge I see have been out of water for extended periods of time and not seem worse for the wear. I've also seen Placospongia sp. sponges on new live rock open up very shortly after being placed in water so SOME species of sponges are certainly capable of surviving days exposed to air and I have a ball sponge, Tethya sp. that gets exposed for about 15 minutes whenever I do a waterchange. It does seem reasonable that a lot of the "finger", "tube", "vase" or "tree" , etc., sponges that we get at our LFS may have issues with necrosis caused by air bubbles trapped inside them when picked up out of the water although my personal experiences with Orange Finger, Axinella sp. is the brief amount of time from bag to tank is not going to cause problems.

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