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Colt Coral....too big?


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So, im only about 5 months into this reef tank, but I have a Colt Coral that is growing too fast.

Is this thing getting out of control, or am I just freaking out cuz it can sting others.....if so, anyone wanna tell me the right way to frag it?


wait...how do i post pics?


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They are very simple to frag, but difficult to get to attach.

To frag, use a very sharp pair of scissors. I got a pair of stainless steel fabric shears at the fabric store. VERY sharp. You want to get in position, shears open, on the branch you want to cut, and hit it quickly and cleanly. The branch will float away slowly at which point you can grab it and do one of several things.

- Using a plastic toothpick or sword, stab the cutting into a piece of rock.

- Loosely tie the cutting with fishing line to a piece of rock.

- Rubberband to a rock.

- Or, the most effective but time consuming: place the cuttings in a basket full of rubble and wait for it to attach on its own. Usually takes a few weeks to a month.

I fragged colts this way quite successfully. I had a colt that took up a good 1/3 of my 180g tank. It gave me hundreds of frags over the 3 years I fragged it. Wonderful corals! They'll just keep getting bigger!

Here's a shot from my old tank before I got into SPS corals (this shot is maybe 4 years old). You can see the colts spread out in the tank. They all grew from a single 5" - 6" aquacultured colt in about 2 years.


And here's what the frags looked like. ( a small frag. I did cut bigger ones as well)


One thing to be very careful of: Colts slime when you touch or cut them. Other corals, especially nice expensive SPS, don't like the slime. If you cut them very quickly and cleanly, they will slime less. I had it down so good that I could cut large branches off and the mother colony wouldn't even flich. Like it never happened.

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