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WTS 29g biocube


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i am moving out and i have a few too many tanks that i thought i would be using sometime soon.. well turns out they call people like me "hoarders" so now to prove everyone wrong, im going to sell my favorite tank!! i absolutely love this biocube. i thought maybe i could have 2 set ups, one being this one, but im not going to do that anymore. there is not a canopy on this tank because i had a clip-on MH on it, but thats the only thing missing from it.

it comes with:

-Cube 29 gallons, with pump 250 gph,

-29g biocube stand

-Wooden canopy i made for it out of one piece of wood to keep the sleekness feel to it. (left unfinished so you can paint it or stain it how ever you want)

the tank is in good condition with very minimal scratches near the bottom where the cc was, but i only ever saw it when there was algae growing on it.

$250 for everything

post-1118-089652500 1276562839_thumb.jpg

post-1118-040642800 1276562723_thumb.jpg

post-1118-081230600 1276564313_thumb.jpg

post-1118-045434700 1276564328_thumb.jpg

post-1118-003441700 1276564566_thumb.jpg

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Bump!! Still available!

NOTICE: now it comes with mh light!

-Biocube 29

-Biocube stand

-Custom canopy made for the light I'm selling it with

-viper k2 150w metal halide light w/ BRAND NEW 14k phoenix bulb. I also have a spare bulb you can have just in case

The bulb was 70$ by itself. The light is made by jbj. It has a built on fan that could use some tlc but I didn't need it anyway.

Everything for $350

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