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big pieces & frags


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ok i need to clear some space. just moved and live out of town now so i can meet at aqua dome on sunday for delivery. i will figure out time tommorow that works best for everyone, so just pm me the best time for you and ill try and meet in the middle for everyone (im always at the store for about 2 hours anyway).

first is my long tent plate, i made a few tenticles shrink so you could see colors, the base is neon green with tan stripes, this thing blows up to well over 8 inches during the day and tentacles are 2 to 3 inches, $75 (anyone want to see a pic when its all the way open let me know, its still shrunk now)

2" frag purple valida 2 good branches $20

povana catcus 1" big round head $20

big rock about the size of 2 softballs covered in xenia and around 8 watermellon mushrooms and a couple teal polops $75

im going to cut 3" x 12"s of this red plating monti (a third of it) off the right side of it in the pic $40 for the 12x3 or $20 for half (would be a nice big pice to mount on the glass)

lunar eclipse zoas $5 a polop or 8 for $30 ( im just going to cut the tonga rock so polops will never be cut) let me know how many you want 3 minimum

2" frag palu nepthia $20

red bird nest in front or lunars $20

the super neon green gsp in last pic (awsome in moon lights) generous size chunks for $10

thanks for looking

post-950-049879400 1276294919_thumb.jpg

post-950-014874500 1276295007_thumb.jpg

post-950-001694100 1276295260_thumb.jpg

post-950-063727200 1276295321_thumb.jpg

post-950-076187700 1276295382_thumb.jpg

post-950-012364400 1276295452_thumb.jpg

post-950-058099500 1276295814_thumb.jpg

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ill take $60 for the plate, $60 for the rock of xenia (the rock alone is worth that) and $30 for the monti, i need these gone im out of space and have more on the way, if i cant sell these i guess ill let my aussie pink tip elegance go for $150

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ok i need to clear some space. just moved and live out of town now

Hey Quinton

Where have you moved to? Heck seems like just a few months ago you were moving in up the street. I assume the tank move went a little smoother this time:)


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well i got work back in burnet so i just moved back, and tank move went alot smooother, i only lost one cardinal fish no corals, and the elegance doesnt have seperate heads they dont grow that way but its around 8x8x8 inches

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