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SPS frags


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We have some accidental SPS frags made by moving some corals and trying to catch a fish.

2- 1-1/4" frags of Tyree Pink Lemonade (ATL Lineage).... (grows fast) $25 each

2- 1-1/4" frags of Purple Valida (ErikH lineage)...(grows fast) $10 each

3- 1" frags of Tyree Tri-color (ATL Lineage).... $10 each

We can deliver to a central location in Austin on Wednesday around noon. You buy 3, you get the third of lesser value for half-price.

These have been mounted. We have others we can frag on purpose, lol. Please let me know what you are looking for.



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I'll see what I can do with my crappy camera...I think I have a picture of the colony but not the frag. I'll look thru my 1000's of pictures.

I want to add this 7-8 polyps for $45:

Australian Prism Favia


and this one....25 polyps for $50 (2 dollars a polyp)


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