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various softies / LPS


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I'm having bad domestic problems and need to move out to escape a very unhealthy relationship so I can start over.

I've gotten screwed financially so I still would like recoup whatever losses I can.

My 10 gallon nano is chock full of beginner species, plus I've got perhaps 50 pounds of LR & a bunch of cleanup crew,

plus a black spiny urchin.

I don't remember exactly how many different corals/species are on one rock, but each rock does contain several specimens.

I've got some 10 gallon aquariums, 2 glass 20-gallon longs (drilled w/ overflow), a 20 gallon drilled/painted acryllic,

and a bunch of random pumps and filters, and a sump for 75-gallon (which I will get ride of after the coral are all gone).

I will re-post after I get rid of all the corals.

For now I'll take whatever the going forum rate is.

Thanks for your help. Maybe I can make some buddies in the process.

post-707-038758700 1275859630_thumb.jpg

post-707-057861000 1275859635_thumb.jpg

post-707-041644300 1275859640_thumb.jpg

post-707-010096800 1275859645_thumb.jpg

post-707-099286700 1275859651_thumb.jpg

post-707-008649600 1275859657_thumb.jpg

post-707-052132800 1275859665_thumb.jpg

post-707-047814000 1275859671_thumb.jpg

post-707-071322000 1275859676_thumb.jpg

post-707-060545700 1275859681_thumb.jpg

post-707-023598600 1275859687_thumb.jpg

post-707-092138000 1275859693_thumb.jpg

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