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Asterina Starfish


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I caught an asterina eating some of my zoas, so I've decided I want to pull them out.

I cant put a harlequin shrimp in to control them, because my hawkfish would just make an expensive meal out of the shrimp.

Would anybody be interested in these to feed their shrimp? Or just in your sump or something?

Once I started looking I found well over 50, probably closer to 100 when I get into it.

I will start pulling them out for whoever wants any.

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Try a six line wrasse or a green coris wrasse.

I've got a sixline, he doesn't touch them.

I just want to pull them out, but I'd rather just not set them out to die.

I was hoping someone might have a use for them.

Heck, you probably need a couple for your big new tank! You can use them to test if the tank has cycled!

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