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Had to bust out our wrasse


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I posted this on the emergency forum but now that he is free I thought I would warn others. Your wrasse can underestimate swim throughs.

Yesterday we couldn't find our morbidly obese 4" long mystery wrasse, looked on the floor, pulled out rocks in the tank, checked everywhere. My wife said she thought he jumped out and the dogs may have eaten him...I wasn't convinced. I grabbed a flashlight and just happened to have seen the end of his nose up inside a rock. I moved the rock around and even squirted him from behind with a turket baster...no luck. I saw that he would float around inside the rock if I moved it back and forth so I assumed that he was just hiding (which it never does). I decided that I would leave him alone for the night since it didn't seem to stressed about it.

Well this morning he was still there, missed 2 feedings which is VERY unusual. Time to break him out, fun fun. I had to use my coral cutters to chip off pieces of the rock until I got a path opened in front of him, he swam out and is finally free, he already ate too. There are some scrapes and scratches but otherwise lookin good.

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