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1/3 HP drop-in Aqualogic chiller


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This is kind of weird, so bear with me.

I have a Aqualogic 1/3 HP Chiller for sale that is new in the box. As in, the box is still sealed from the manufacturer, and it has never been used. This is the kind of chiller that has a hose with coils, and you just drop the coils in your sump, so you don't have to mess with plumbing. However, it is about 5 years old (long story), so you won't have any manufacturer's warranty. Aqualogic makes great chillers, though.

Is is this exact chiller: http://www.marinedepot.com/Aqua_Logic_Trimline_Cyclone_1_3HP_Chiller_TLC_4_with_Temperature_Controller_1_3_HP_Greater_Drop_In_Aquarium_Chillers-Aqua_Logic-AL2133-FICHDIQT-AL2137K-vi.html (ridiculously long URL)

New is $1000 + shipping.

I am selling for $800. You can test it out to make sure it chills a bucket of water, but I can't provide any more warranty than that.

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