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Large Vivid's Ultimate Purple Cap (mounts on tank wall)


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I'm selling my Vivid's Ultimate Purple Cap as its getting too big for my tank. I have this piece mounted on a magnet so it has grown off my tank wall for a nice look. It also have several "shelfs" forming (see right side of the coral in the pic) so it is becoming quite the interesting piece, but just too big for my tank.

Monti caps are a great starter coral as they are easy to keep and grow fast if you keep your calcium levels up.

Size is 6" across, 5" high.


post-632-094757900 1275514609_thumb.jpg

post-632-068438700 1275514615_thumb.jpg

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That's gorgeous Mark! I love the magnet idea, how clever. Would you mind elaborating on just how you mounted it and what kind of magnet? If it hasn't sold by next week (wishful thinking) I'll come into town and get it. Just too much going on till then.

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