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75g Acrylic Tank w/ Stand + more


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Ok, finally got around to posting this.


75g SeaClear system II acrylic tank and stand combo.

Been using the tank for the last 8 months, and have recently upgraded to a bigger system. Its been a great tank and has treated me well during my adventure into salt water aquarium keeping.

It comes with a black, not much frills stand.

I'll also throw in the following with the sale of the tank:

-- What I believe to be a Eshopps PSK-75 venturi style protein skimmer powered by a Rio 600 pump.

-- Acrylic scraper

-- Lots of Bio Balls

-- Return Pump

-- 3 different grades of Acrylic Polishing compound

-- Magnetic Algae scraper

The tank has no leaks. It does however have some blemishes on the front of the tank. These aren't deep enough to be scratches and I believe the acrylic compound will take them out with no problems. Additionally you cannot see most of the mars once water is in the tank.

The SeaClear System II tank has the sump build into the back compartment of the tank (much like the Dutch system). It has a individul areas for a heater, skimmer, bioballs, and return pump. With the built in sump it makes this tank really easy to set up and maintain for somebody new to the hobby or wants a low maintenance tank.

$265.00 takes everything home.

NOT INCLUDED: That devilishly good looking guy in the tank's reflection



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