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The Family


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The Family


new addition just last night


Not sure if this is the clone or parent, it's it the same place before it split


and this one is just around the corner the left side of the split.


both are healing up and soon will be eating again

that one island is getting kind of crowded, I'll have to make and extension for that island

The count is:

4 variegated RBTA's

2 RBTA's


2 GBTA w/Pink/Purple Tips

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Usually a couple of days - about 10-24 hrs to split, couple of days to heal up and should be eating again in about 4 - 5 days,"your nem may vary". During this time, I keep the current on and run charcoal to help clean the water.

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Here's a FTS not the best


There is a foam rock wall on the back and three islands also use the Beckett Pond and Stone Foam to 'glue" them together.

This is why I'm starting a 200gal - need more room for clams and other corals and fish.

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