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selling 57g saltwater tank


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i have a 57 gallon reef ready oceanic illuminata for sale i am moving and need to sell it before i do. the tank will include a light fixture that uses 6 high output T5 bulbes a sump the mag 5 return pump the light for the sump 70 pounds of live rock 60 pounds of live sand and a hand made aquarium stand made of solid plywood also has some fish a peppermint shrimp and snails and hurmits crabs i also have a coralife skimmer that would work with a 125 gallon tank that you could take with you if u want. i spent more than

2200$ seting up the tank i hate to ger rid of it askin 1500 our obo if you have any questions our offers call out tex 1(512)661-9975




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