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Have to sell entire setup - 110g

Nurse Nini

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Well, it has officially gotten too much to keep up with the tank & a baby.

We have been neglecting the tank & it's time to go.

It is a 110 gallon complete setup, with sump, newish pump (about a year old), T5 lights (less than a year), stand & canopy.

In the tank are two pumps, Clown pair, a Blue-green chromis, Koran angelfish, conch, various snails & crabs, and a couple of very elusive small starfish. (Of course there is a ton of sand & lots of live rock)

Also included would be out protein skimmer (it is not a part of the tank, we put it on and off when needed)

I will update later with more details about the pump & lights when my husband gets the boxes for me.

We are willing to part, but everything must go.

Asking $1000 for everything




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Updating with some details...


Tank 24.5 x 18.5 x 60.5

with canopy & stand 70 x 19 x 61

the pump is rated 1800gph

The lights are Glo brand T5 HO (two 48 T5's with reflector)

Sorry, I didn't notice that someone had responded.....trying to sell complete.....If I don't sell the complete tank by May 1st I'll consider selling the fish seperate.

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  • 3 months later...

Sorry for disappearing and not responding to the two people who asked about parting out.....

The tank is still for sale, complete, we are selling our house and it has to go.....

Closeout price of $500

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