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GPS for sale *SOLD*

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My wife is selling her GPS.

My husband got a new car with a built- in GPS. I'm getting his old GPS and selling mine....

I'm selling my Garmin Nuvi 200 with it's car mount in almost new condition! It's a great GPS, I've never had an issue with it. I LOVE it!

The Garmin Nuvi 200 is the perfect travel companion; it's small, sleek and easy to use! The Garmin GAX10908 Portable Dash Mount is a great mounting option if you want to move the GPS from vehicle to vehicle. I love taking this set up with me on vacation and put it in my rental car. The weighted, rubberized bottom sits securely on the dash and doesn't move around.

The GPS frame is a pink/rose color and comes with car adapter/power cord.

Email me if you're interested- $75 for GPS and Dash Mount


You can email me: [email protected]


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