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110 Oceanic setup. Updated.


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Everything else I had on this is sold. I would like to sell this complete as listed.

110 Oceanic Reef Ready with stand and custom canopy.

Complete with sump, skimmer and return pump and listed stuff below.

Sump built by Ace,

Skimmer built by Ace with mag 12 pump

Icecap 660 with 2 VHO bulbs, 2 New bulbs and 2 bulbs used for about 3 months.

2 Seio M2600 powerheads

1 Seio controller Blows fuses. Needs to be sent back to Seio for repair.

1 Iwaki MD30RLXT return pump 1140 gph max

1 carbon / media filter with mj1200 pump built by Ace

Misc stuff like heater, light controller

$600.00 for everything.


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It looks like this is going to stay with me and will be my new freshwater tank since no one wants to jump on this. The sump and skimmer alone cost me 500 with Ace, so 500 for everything is a great deal. So if not gone by next weekend, I'm just gonna quit trying and keep it. So the clock is ticking.

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I had another request for pictures so here is the updated link for them. I have not cleaned the tank, but a little scooping and a wet rag cleans it right up. It is still for sale if anyone is interested. No parting out.

It also comes with a dual 250w mogul MH setup that I thought I had sold and found it in my closet.

600.00 for all of it.


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Still for sale. 500.00 takes it.

Beverly, I am very sorry but I never got an email notification about your reply. Let me know if you are still looking.


512-too six two - 8 zero 8 7 yes encrypted for the bots. LOL

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I cant believe no one has bought this or even made me an offer for the entire setup. This is insane. Are we all that broke? The sump cost me more than I am asking for the entire setup. I'll even take trades. I am looking for guns and RC dirt cars to race with my son.

So make an offer and come get it.

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