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Something I wrote today.


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Hi everyone.

We're currently studying poetry in my English class, and today, we had an assignment to write a poem about death. I could only think of one that related to me and my family, so I wrote it down. I'd like to keep from going into detail about the situation, but I thought this was pretty good and wanted to share it.


Her silent reverie cast a shadow on the town,

She looked for smiles, but saw only frowns,

Eleven hours old, not even a chance to live,

Something that nobody could ever forgive.

How could this happen to a woman so sweet?

Once feeling joy, now feeling defeat.

Hopeful parents of three little girls,

Just had a death that shattered their worlds.

Sitting in a hospital bed, silent in her grief,

A heart filled with sorrow, sadness, disbelief.

The end of despair being nowhere near;

A mother's sadness, anger, and fear.

Minutes feel like hours, days feel like years.

Nothing was able to dry her tears.

When sadness will end, she will never know,

Because she could never let her little Hope go.

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When we meet again Brooks, I hope you can share the meaning of this beautifully written, but sad poem....


Sure Laura. :( I hope the story got across a little though. I was hoping it'd make sense!


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