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Conchs & Anthelia


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I have a couple random things to trade, would like to trade at the April meeting since I live so far N. getting into Austin is a hassle. Unless of course you live out N. of Lampasas like me!

- 2 FL fighting conchs- I caught these guys off the Florida coast. By the meeting they will have been in quarantine for 2 weeks. As of right now they are healthy and doing great. I brought 3 home thinking I'd be lucky to get one home alive. Well, all three are flourishing in captivity. I only really need one. They are about 2 1/2" long. They are supposed to be great sand sifters/scavengers for cleaning up a sand bed. Reef safe.

- Anthelia cuttings- I need to trim my mother colony back. Cuttings will be small (1-5 polyps or so, depends on how they cut loose). Trust me, this is a GOOD thing. It grows very quickly once established. Attaching the small cutting is easy, within a month or so it will be more than doubled if it grows in your tank like it does in mine and growth from there will increase dramatically. Very beautiful, but again, very fast growing so watch where you put it. Cuttings will be loose, it'll be up to you to attach them (I used the rubber band method, worked great).

Will take pretty much anything in trade except kenya trees & pom-pom xenia. :) Would like colorful zoas/palys, mushrooms, any other softies. Will give the Anthelia away free if you don't have trades. Wanted to see if anyone was interseted before hauling the poor conchs to the meeting. Guys are well traveled enough as it is!

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Nemirn, yep I'd be happy to trade a conch for a colt coral frag. I'll mark one as yours.

Msmmze, I do not have a pic handy but if you look up fl fighting conch on google images the most common one that pops up is what these guys look like to a 'T'. I have them all together in with some smaller un IDd snails I brought home, a variety of small fuge snails and a crab. They haven't eaten anyone. :) They hop and cruise around eating algae and detrius with their weird trunk nose thingy. I love looking in at them... They will follow large movements with their big eyes. They are such weird snails!

Bummer about your clams. I'm trying to ID the pretty snails I brought hone before I put them in my display tank so I don't have a similar issue (no clams, but plenty of targets for predatory snails).

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