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Guess the birthday, win a frag!


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It is that time again...for another round of mcallahan's famous (and sometimes hilarious) guess (something) and win a frag!

This time, its my son's birthdate.

Here are the details:

- Guess the date and time that our son is born and win a frag of Vivid Aquariums Ultra Blue Tenuis! (Depending on what is available in my tank, I might be willing to frag you something else if you'd like)

- Closest guess to the date and time wins. In the event of a tie breaker, the person who guessed first (posted in this thread) will win.

- Our son is due on May 15th

- If he isn't born by May 14th, we're inducing (don't ask why, we just are), SO MAY 14 is OUT!!

- Once we go into labor, the contest is over. That way people can't wait till we are in labor to start guessing.

- 1 vote per member.

Game on!

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May 13th, 11:59pm

Hmm...that's a little shady, but smart thinking.

Of course, someone could guess May 15th @ 12:00am and if the baby was born on May 14th @12:01p you'd be out!

Ok, game back on. May 15 isn't a bad guess day!

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May 5th. Though I can't really say with any accuracy without thumping the watermelon. Is her belly button poking out yet? Maybe a picture of the baby lump would give us some help.

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Hmmm...I think you missed the part about them inducing if not born by the 14th. That would be a LONG labor.

I guess May 12th at 8:30pm.

Yeah I guess maybe LOL Sorry work and play don't always mix well lol.

Correction, I'll go with 14th 14:29

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