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ALL SOLD: Sump, Pumps, and Skimmer


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Available for sale 1 used Precision Marine Sump, 2 External Pumps, and 1 Precision Marine Bullet 1 Skimmer. These items are owned by my brother and are located in Houston, but I can pick these up this coming weekend if anyone is interested. Please feel free to contact me with any further inquiry. Thanks!

Precision Marine Sump $140 obo

  • Dimensions: 24l x 12w x 12h
  • Has 3 holes drilled for 1" bulkheads (from overflows)
  • Has 2 holes for float pumps (one is plugged)
  • Has another hole with 3/4" bulkhead for external return pump but can be plugged too.

Gen X PCX 40 Mak 4 External Pump $50 obo

  • 1190gph 40 watts
  • This is the most efficient pump I've used
  • Was told it was rebuilt when I bought it, has a little surface rust by the cooling fan side, does not affect functionality.

Little giant 3? MDX SC External Pump $30 obo

  • I think this is the 3 model?
  • I used it as my return but did not put a filter pad so it sucked up a snail and it scored the impeller a little bit. Normal functionality.
  • Purchased brand new, used for 3 months.

Precision Marine Bullet 1 Skimmer $140 obo

  • Comes with the optional gate valve.
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